Travel Tips


Corfu is part of the Greek region known as the Ionian Islands that extend in a parallel line along the west coast of the greek mainland. Corfu is the closest Greek island to western and northern european cities and choosing to visit any other island would add at least one hour to your journey.
During the summer season, there are flights connecting the Ioannis Kapodistrias airport of Corfu to all major european airports. What makes Corfu (korfu, kerkyra or korfoe)distinct from the other Mediterranean islands, are its numerous picturesque little villages, each one graced with its unique beauty; the hilly landscape offering panoramic views of the sea and Albania; the blend of european and greek architectural style.


The island of Corfu has a large variety of local dishes,based on olive oil,vegetables,pulses and fish. The most popular are:
Bourdheto: fish cooked in tomato sauce, garlic, onion and spicy pepper
Sofrito: veal filet simmered in garlic, parsley sticks and marjoram. It is garnished with roast potatoes or rice
Pastitsada: meat cooked in a casserole with tomato sauce, clove, cinnamon and onion. It is served with macaroni. In pastitsada you use beef, chicken or rooster.
Famous local products
Koum-quat:Served as liqueur, sugared fruit, fruit in syrup (gliko tou koutaliou) or jam.
Mandola: As the italian name reveals, mandola is almond, which has been caramelized


There is a great variety of wine produced on the island. The cost of a bottle of local wine at a restaurant in Kassiopi starts at approx 12 Euros (8 GBP).

Local festivals:

During the summer season, there are many small festivities (panigiria) around the island. In Kassiopi, there are:

on the 8th May- Traditional festival with live Greek music and religious procession
at the end of June there is folklore dancing from all of Greece
on the 15th August the Festival of the Virgin Mary
at the end of September there is the local wine festival


You will have no problem communicating with locals and you will be surprised to find that many of them speak fluent English. Some also speak Italian and German


Corfu has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. Kassiopi is known to have a family atmosphere and you are absolutely safe to walk about throughout the night. It is a great place for teenagers who can be left unattended to wonder around the bars.


The island, called Kerkyra in Greek, took its name from the nymph Korkira. Its foreign name Corfu, means town on the peaks. This is because the new town was built inside the old fortress, on two peaks.Kassiopi dates back to Roman times;visitors can walk in the footsteps of ancient greats like Cicero and Emperor Nero or Tiberious
but also like , Camilla Parker, Michael Schumacher or Madonna in recent past.

Local community

Most villages in Greece are overpopulated by tourist in summer, but are quite abandoned in winter when the locals crowd into the towns for lack of work.
Kassiopi is the first holiday resort to open and last to close in the tourist Corfu season.It is a good size village with a good size of local population throughout the year. This is why the village offers all the necessary modern amenities and it still keeps the aroma of a Greek village … which we’ll let you discover for yourselves!


Tourism is the main economic resource of the island. Agricultural production has fallen behind. However, the main products are olive oil (there are an estimated 3 million trees on Corfu!), wine, vegetables and the Kumquat fruit.
The island has a mild climate; it is not very cold in winter and there is some humidity in summer. Heavy showers can be expected between December and March. The heavy rainfall and the high humidity encourage the profuse growth of vegetation, therefore the island has a lot of greenery, even in the summer.